Post-Vacation Blues

Tis’ the night before returning to work after my vacation and I have the worst ANXIETY! There is even a “medical” term for it – Post-Vacation Blues.  According to wikipedia, PVB may result in tiredness, loss of appetite, strong feelings of nostalgia and in some cases depression.

Yes, I have been experiencing loss of appetite (which explains my recent weight loss) and lack of sleep. I’ve been googling all day to research more on PVB and it is experienced by many, but more so with those who are dissatisfied with their jobs.

So this makes me ponder about my current job situation.

Am I satisfied with my job? No

Is my job stressful? Yes

Do I live in fear of losing my job? Yes

Are a lot of expectations placed on me? Yes

Now that I’ve answered my own questions, time to seriously think about my future.


2 Responses to Post-Vacation Blues

  1. savvykenya says:

    Just get back to work:)

  2. nuttyphilosopher says:

    hehehe..I went and it totally SUCKED! Longest day of my life.

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